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This is my review of a fairly new amateur girlfriend porn site called FBhotties.com ( FB is a play on Facebook but don’t tell Mark Zuckerburg because he will try to sue them if he finds out! ;))

FBhotties.com is a brand new premium membership website with lots of amateur sex videos and pictures of hot young girls. You will not find these amateur videos on any other site since they are exclusive to FBH. All the videos are user submitted by amateur couples and you and everybody else gets to vote on your favorite scenes. The people making the videos and upload them get payed extra if their videos become popular among the subscribers. You can earn up to $10,000 dollars if you upload a super hot sex video.

There have been lots of amateur sex sites similar to FBHotties popping up all over the place the last year or so. It’s obvious that porn surfers want to see more REAL sex videos and less professional porn. Fuck corny scripts, fake sets and all of that. Real Facebook and Myspace porn, stolen or hacked sex tapes is where it’s at 2011.

Many of the other amateur porn sites are pretty bad when it comes to the quality of their content. They display pictures of very attractive girls on their tour pages tricking you into thinking that there are videos of these girls fucking, sucking or masturbating. Most of the time all there is just that one photo. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty porn videos available for you to download on these ex-girlfriend sites but the girls in them are usually pretty ugly compared to what’s advertised on the join pages. It’s pretty common to find videos that are like 5 years old of older and often ugly foreign couples.

That is NOT the case with FBhotties.com

What you see on the FBhotties tour is what you get when you sign up for a membership. To prove that to you check out some of these video galleries and see for yourself.

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FBHotties FREE Videos – Real Amateurs

Megan Fox look-a-like Porn Video:
Mega Fox Homemade Blowjob Video

This girl reminds me of Megan Fox so if you are into her and all that stuff you are going to love this video. We will probably never see any sex tapes of the real Megan Fox anything soon so this will have to do for now.

Rocker Barmaid Quits her Job and Fucks her Boyfriend behind the Bar:

A great way to get fired is to have sex at work. Video taping it for the whole world to see is an even better way to lose that job. Looking how hard this rocker girl sucks cock I take it that she don’t really care.

Amateur Redhead with Freckles Fucks on a Boat:

People love to fuck on boats. This redhead freckled cutie is not exception. I know she didn’t tag along on this boat ride to get tanned so it must have been the cock that lured her in.

Short Haired Blonde Deepthroats her Boyfriend on Camera:

Very Horny Amateur Latina Plays With Her Wet Pussy at Home:
FaceBook Latina homemade sex tape

Looks pretty sweet don’t you think? The site is fairly new but there are tons of hot vids and amateur galleries posted there every week so the content library available to you is growing fast. There is a good mix of american porn and south american porn on there. There seems to be more common for Latin couples to record their own homemade porn and submit it to the site. I don’t really care where the porn comes from though, if it’s hot it’s hot! One of the reasons why I like FBhotties is because they actually pay amateur couples to send in their sex tapes. You can get payed as much as $10,000 for videos of you and your girlfriend fucking in front of the camera. When a site is willing to pay that much for homemade videos they attract the hottest amateur talent which means that you will get to see some of the best amateur porn on the internet. They don’t buy old re-hashed content, they got new, exclusive never seen before sex videos. You would be pleased to know that the company backing FBHotties is the same company that runs ElegantAngel.com LexSteel.com Brainpass.com and many others so this is not some fly-by night site. FBHotties.com is as legit and is here to stay!


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