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Jessica Alba Topless and Pregnant Fake or Real?

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This morning I and the rest of the male population on the internet found a couple of pictures of the pregnant Mrs Jessica Alba. I don’t know the original source of the images. It’s possible that someone hacked Jessica Alba’s cellphone, computer or email account. Maybe she decided to share them with the world herself, who knows!

I was wondering if these pictures of Jessica Alba are real or fake. It could very well be a hoax since you don’t get to see her face in photos where she flashes her tits. If you look at her chin in one of the leaked photos you can see a little birthmark or pimple which looks the same in the topless picture. That is super easy to photoshop together though so the Alba pics can still be a hoax but lets pretend that these wonderful nude images of Jessica Alba are real instead shall we?

Jessica Alba Pregnant Boob Photos

In this photo Alba only shows one of her tits. She is still wearing a bra but it’s see through so you can see her nipple.

Jessica Alba Nipslip

In the other photos we don’t get to see Jessica Alba’s face but we do get to see some underboobs.

Jessica Alba Pregnant Underboob

Jessica looks like she is giving birth any minute now still looks pretty sexy though. The last pics of Mrs Alba looks like they are also taken with her cellphone but they don’t include pics of her breast unfortunately. I know all you preggo lovers are really excited about these topless Alba pictures leaking so enjoy!

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