Kim Kardashian naked tits and ass bodypaint

Kim Kardashian Nude Bodypaint

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It’s been almost 3 years since the Kim Kardashian sex tape was leaked onto the internet. That was luckily not the last time we would get to see Kim Kardashian without clothes. Kim took off all her clothes for Playboy in a photo shoot early last year (2009) and decided to do it all over again for the W Magazine (November 2010 issue). This time Kim Kardashian is completly nude and covered with silvery body paint. Her huge tits and nipples are covered with paint but could can still see all the good stuf. She almost looks like a female version of the Tin man from the Wizard of Oz but with a 50 inch onion booty! Kim Kardashian is the definition of junk in the trunk.

I uploaded a couple of pictures of Kim Kardashian in tight spandex leggings that she loves to wear and two pictures of Kim Kardashian naked.

Kim Kardashian versus Carmen Electra wrestle in “Disaster Movie”
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Kim Kardashian Sexy Ass Video

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