Lisa Ann New Fleshlight Girl

Lisa Ann New Fleshlight Girl

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Porn star and Sarah Palin look-a-like Lisa Ann now has her very own sex toy line up for men. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Fleshlight by now but for those who aren’t it’s basically a replica of a real vagina hidden inside a Flashlight looking case.

The Lisa Ann Fleshlight was made by casting a mold over her Vagina, Mouth and Butthole and then cast into three different Fleshlights which all comes with different textures to simulate regular intercourse, fellatio and anal sex. Each porn star girl that gets their very own Fleshlight also gets a signature texture made. They are not designed to feel like a regular pussy they are made to feel even better. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

Here is a picture of the texture inside the Lisa Ann Fleshlight:

Lisa Ann Licks her Fleshlight Video:

I have not tried it yet myself but it looks like it would feel pretty good to slide inside Lisa Ann’s pussy hole. Hey maybe you’d like to have sex with Sarah Palin, fucking her number one impersonator Lisa Ann is almost the same thing right?

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