Sexy Girls Blazing Weed and Blowing Smoke

Sexy Girls Blazing Weed and Blowing Smoke

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Since prop 19 Fail whaled I put together a little consolation price for you all. Check out over 70 pics of young babes and cuties smoking everything from blunts, glass pipes to huge bongs and spliffs. Many of them are smoking weed topless for some reason. I’m not complaining though! Boobs are always welcome here at I have embedded a couple of hot videos with sexy stoner girls toking on bongs and blazing kush.

But first here are the pictures with sexy stoner girls smoking weed, blunts and taking huge bong hits. So 75 pics with weed smoking girls of all types and sizes, some are nude some are staying classy. It’s apparently very popular to get high while you are topless.

Here are all the the Stoner Girl videos I promised

Rachel Roxxx takes a bong hit on video before her daily masturbation session

Sexy Mariamarihuana smoking weed in a tiny Christmas bikini

It’s no secret that hot girls love to smoke weed. Megan Fox is a well known celebrity that talks about her marijuana use in public but it’s not only Hollywood celebs that like smoke cannabis. I bet that almost all the female Porn Star actresses smoke weed before or after shooting their sex scenes. Sex is so much better on weed!

Sexy Tera Patrick Weed Photoshoot Video:

Rachel Starr also likes to smoke weed before getting fucked

More random stoner girls:

Kassem G: California on Drugs

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoy all the sexy pics and video. And remember, don’t drink and drive smoke and fly!

I love cannabis at least its not crack


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